Student Process for Acquiring Course Materials

A student’s individual course materials requirements can be viewed online accessed via the myData portal. The Student Book List icon appears in the home screen menu options with such items as Complete Exam Schedule and Confirmation of Enrolment.

In the Student Book List, you may get a list of books with similar titles as shown below:

You only need ONE of these textbooks.

In the example above, they are 3 format options for the same title. One is full Digital, one is a Loose Leaf version (you add it to a binder) with code and one is a full Hard Cover version with code.

From this Student Book List, you can search out all required textbooks online at and e-codes or digital access online at

Click on the Academics header and a drop down list will show you access to Textbooks or Digital Access.

You will complete two different shopping transactions for your textbooks and digital access.

Please, complete one before switching to the other.

Upon completion of your digital purchases, you will have the information you require to immediately have access to the purchased digital components.  You can search the digital components by course in the CEI website page.  There could be options for your particular course (ie code only or e-text only or a combined package), please, read carefully to make sure you are getting what you want.

Textbooks are separated by department of study for easy selection.

You can also search by ISBN and title.

At the checkout, please, select PICK-UP AT THE STFX STORE to pick-up on campus at the STFX Store.

Upon completion of your order for textbooks, you must allow at least 72 hours for pick up. Any textbooks not yet available will stay on back order to be picked up at a later time.  If you choose to have your items shipped to you, they will be shipped.

You will be provided with an order number. Please, be sure to bring your order number and STFX Student ID with you for pick up.

Note: Please check your junk mail for updates on your order, they may not go directly to your inbox

Purchasing Digital Access Online

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