RENTAL: Graduation Gown and Hood Rental


If you are currently looking to get a gown shipped to your current location, you can rent a gown and hood by clicking below.  Due to Covid shipping delays across the country, the STFX Store cannot guarantee shipping times on orders. Please allow at least 2-3 business days for all shipped regalia orders.  Please note that with this rental you will pay for your return shipping. Return shipping labels will be provided.  You will have until May 14th to return local regalia and until May 21st to return regalia shipped out of province.  Accounts will be charged the replacement cost of $241.50 if the gown is not returned by May  14th for local and May 21st for shipped regalia.  Please see the convocation faq below for more info:

Please see our Regalia Rental Policy Here

Gown Sizing Chart

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Hood Colour by Degree

Arts, Business Administration, HKIN, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Music, Nursing, Human Nutrition, Science, Master of Education, Master of Adult Education, Arts and Science in Health

Gown Size

45", 48", 51", 54", 57", 60", 63"

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